In an interview Soraya Sikander said “I have always been inspired by the world around me: nature in various forms – the natural world – and I make the analogy with architecture because that is the opposite of the organic. It is man-made. It’s interesting for me to observe this relationship and clash, which is most blatant in a still life; like say when you have flowers in a vase, the formality verses the rampant organic and putting those things together. And that exists in everything.

At the point of action, at the point of painting, all sorts of other elements come into play. It is not totally cerebral, it is not planned on a piece of paper and replicated on canvas. My work has the ability to surprise me. It captures the complexities of development. There is nothing tame or settled about the natural world. The growth of a flower involves larger elemental forces, chemistry and carbon. I arrive at landscape through ecology. It is the whole meaning that interests me not just surface appearance. I am equally interested in how landscapes evolve. The still and the everyday be it a sky, cloud, scattering, dynamism” – Soraya Sikander

Biography:  Soraya Sikander is one of today’s leading Contemporary South Asian painters. Recognition for her work has come through critical acclaim and the extraordinary popularity with the international public, making her one of today’s most sought after artists with non-stop sell out exhibitions.

Soraya Sikander has been trained in old masters classical drawings at The London Atelier of Representational Arts (LARA), and UCL’s Slade Summer School. She graduated from Beaconhouse National University, Pakistan.

Her artworks are in private and public collections. She has the distinction of being a TEDx art speaker. Soraya Sikander’s artworks have been featured and reviewed extensively by: HELLO!, Khaleej Times, Gulf News, The Gulf Today, Islamic Arts Magazine, Dahabiya, Jaffat El Aqlam, Artlyst, Caravan Daily, Iris, Youlin, Professor Gerda Roper (Dean of Fine Arts, University of Teesside) and Juliet Highet (Art critic, Author ‘Frankincense’)

Soraya is acclaimed for a new style of painting that imbibes elements of calligraphy into landscape painting. The fusion results in some astounding, original works of contemporary landscape art. Her floral paintings are rich in light, shade and tone and suggest organic patterns. Soraya Sikander is renowned for the series ‘In, At, Around – exploring urban space’.
She has exhibited at the Dhaka Museum, Shilpaka Academy, La Galleria Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade, Unicorn Gallery, Alhamra Art Gallery, The National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah, Etihad Art Gallery, Galerie Patries Van Dorst (Netherlands)