Nations have been defined by the incorporation of Great civilisations i.e. such as Euroasia, Greece, Persia, India and China. These great empires advanced to reach unparalleled heights of sophistication in the spheres of military effectiveness; they set the tone for administration and scholarship that could not be matched for centuries to come. This classical era known as the millennium that followed 750 BCE saw the birth of influential religions; such as Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity.

But then did rise in the 6th and 10th century a match worthy of admiration that of the rise of Islam. It entailed an era of expansion, which brought political strength that culminated in cultural creativity, plus modern innovation in terms of Science, Maths, law, philosophy, social, ethical and economical changes that have constructed the world that we live in today. The first ever universities the world has ever known began amid the deserts of Arabia; where scholars were invited from around the world to join cordially in brotherhood to expand their knowledge and investigation of all subjects congenial and meaningful to the wider world.

Moving into the 17th century Europe after two decades experienced the beginnings of democracy after the overthrow of the monarchy in France and thereafter we see the ideals of nationalism.

My reasoning of this brief history is to highlight the factors that determine a race; a race that is defined by its nature of existence and is refined by the experience of culture, history and art that encapsulates its uniqueness amongst its fellow nations. And as a result it creates respect, inspiration and a value for human life. It liberates those minds that have animosity against their brothers but instead it encourages communities nationally to thrive, advance and to resolve issues that can be overcome through peaceful means.

In contrast to these great empires and races, in the middle of the 18th century two new races have emerged that of the United States followed thereafter by the Zionist regime. With the unfailing romance of the USA, Israel and Britain, Zionist ideology which is inconsistent with the practices of the real Jewish faith has hijacked the religion of Moses peace be upon him, and manifested itself as a true representative of the Jewish faith.

Both the USA and the Zionists regime have taken the stance to make no concessions with Palestine and they have resisted any chances of peace but instead their mission is to destroy any semblance of respect for the people of Palestine be it with an innocent child, woman or man.

Since it’s inception the United States has defied human rights to the Palestinian people as well as its own people. It has been at war indirectly with Palestine, with its own nation as well as the world at large on the pretext that it’s enemies are the terrorist and it America is the leader of the free world.

Zionist ideology is defiant of anyone that does not give it recognition as a reconstructionist movement it has, as mentioned earlier; diverged from Judaism and it has in effect attempted to adapt Judaism to modern day realities and has denied the literal accuracy of the biblical text. As a result the orthodox Rabbis of the US and Canada have declared these theories as unacceptable.

The United Nations has forged an international opposition to the crisis imposed by Israel on the Palestinian people and has vetoed any proposition of making Jerusalem the capital of Israel. It is fundamental that the most powerful nations must be able to set aside their differences as well as their individual self interests and humble themselves before their maker the almighty benevolent Monotheistic God who condemns violence and condones peace and love upon all his creation.

It is ironical that the very people that endured and experienced violence at the hands of Hitler are the very same people that are butchering and terrorising innocent unarmed people who have lived for centuries and prayed in this little town of Jerusalem.

A nation is not defined by the level of violence, or by the Extreme means of pain it inflicts on innocent civilians unnecessarily but it is defined by the movement of purity of its spirit of love, and the realisation of kindness amongst the national community. The United States and Israel will be defined by history as a troubled legacy which turned Palestine into a blood bath. (by: Ms Sumblina Hassan Secretary to Morthrama Shaheed Benazir Bhutto)