Pink Day Celebrated in DUHS Karachi, Pakistan


Karachi, (By Naeem Tahir): Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy, Vice-Chancellor, Dow University of Health Sciences, has said that “If breast cancer is diagnosed before it develops or at an early stage, the chances of survival increase by 90%.” Speaking to volunteer students, faculty, and other staff on the occasion of “Pink Day”, a public awareness drive at Dow Medical College in partnership with the Higher Education Commission and the Pink Ribbon Youth Awareness Program.

Pink balloons were installed on the fountain clock towers and trees of Dow Medical College, while reception gates decorated with pink balloons were also installed at various places, awareness pamphlets were also distributed to the participants passing through the gates. Pink masks and pink ribbons were also distributed in this regard. Vice-Chancellor Dow University of Health Sciences, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, Principal Dow Medical College, and

others wrote comments on the notice board. In this regard, Vice-Chancellor Prof. Muhammad Saeed Quraishy while commenting said that it is the cause of death in women, the early diagnosis of this deadly disease can be made by the infected person by self-examination and in case of any abnormal lump or nodule, the doctor can be consulted without any hesitation, he said. In the case of breast cancer, cells begin to grow excessively and destroy healthy tissue, as the

disease is more common in women, so they should do the initial examination themselves. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Zarnaz Wahid wrote on the notice board. “Self-examination and early reporting can help prevent the spread of the disease,” While Dow University Registrar Dr. Asher Afaq said “Fight with all your might there is no room for fear” Principal Dow Medical College Prof. Amjad Siraj Memon noted that “self-examination is very important”, Prof. Farhat

Jalil wrote that “Take care of yourself and be aware of the deadly disease”, Dr. Fawad Ali Musa wrote that “Spreading awareness about the deadly disease is a great cause, and those who work for it are also great”.

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