Pir Pagara address largest public gatherings in the history of Sindh – Shama Munshi


KARACHI (PR): 14th Dec Sain Pir Pagara public meeting was one of the largest Public gathering in the history of sindh claimed by Shama Munshi Media Coordinator Ladies Wing Sindh. It has created a new milestone in the politics of sindh. OML F held historical record breaking jalsa. Sain Pir Pagara jalsa was a success in all aspects. If seen with administrative point of view though it was over crowded meeting but was very organized and discipline one and no incident of mishap took place. It was collective affort of all the leaders and workers of PML F who dedicately devoted themselves to make this memorable event possible and this political show a remarkable reality. But being a neutral of analyst beside a worker of PML F I observed that due to the team guided by the leadership of PML F general secretary Imtiaz ahmed sheikh ,Mahtab akber Rashidi and Pml F Larkana division president Akber Shah Rashidi untiring day night efforts, PML F jalsa left no loose loop or any security lapse.

Sain Pir Pagara first historical address to the masses of sindh was highly acknowledged, welcomed and appreciated even by PML F opponents.He delivered thought provoking historical speech in such a sophisticated and dignified manner that it won and stole the hearts of all the Pakistanis that all critics were forced to admit that now in Pakistan, the leadership crises is going to be filled by Sain Pir pagara only. After the demise of Quaid-e-Azam it is Sain Pir Pagara who has emerged as true and strongest leader of Pakistan who truly represents the voice of all the Pakistanis. Sain Pir Pagara in his speech stressed on his one point agenda and slogan of “United Sindh, United Pakistan”.He asked the government to immediately abrogate dual and black law of SPLGO which is creating hatred among the old and new sindhis. His speech was a beautiful mixture and balance between both the “federalism” and “nationalism”.Many intellectual were claiming that Sain Pir Pagara has even snatched the crown of nationalism from the nationalist parties of the sindh. Shama munshi further added that Sain Pir Pagara support for anti-Kala bagh dam and anti-SPLGO campaign has gathered all the nationalist groups of sindh around him. Sain Pir pagara was a referendum against ppp anti sindh policies and a slap on the face of anti sindh forces. Pir pagara categorically stated that discrimination & inequality with sindh is a conspiracy of the PPP traitor rulers to divide Pakistan. PPP is already a champion of separating east Pakistan by raising the slogan of “Udhar Tum, Idher Hum”. But this time PML F under the leadership of Sain Pir Pagara will never let PPP fulfilled its dreamof dividing Pakistan and sindh through dual, and black law of SPLGO largest number of public meeting in hyderabad is a sign that it is the beginning of a political change against the which has an impure attempt to break apart sindh. Shama munshi said that this public meeting is a message that sindh card is now in the hands of PML F. Hyderabad public meeting is the clear mark and indication of the fact that sindh has rejected this new LG system 2012 and construction of Kala Bagh Dam. Sain Pir Pagra public meeting was attended almost by all the nationalist parties of sindh as well as PML N and two religious parties. PML F is now gear up towards election campaign and all the forces are united under the leadership of Pir Pagara. PML F is determined to support sindh cause & will continue its protest against SLPGO until it is repealed. If elections are not rigged and manipulated PML F is definitely going to form government with its coalition partners in sindh which will begin a new chapter of prosperous and progressed Pakistan.