Pir Pagara has totally refused to even hold any sort of negotiation with the government until and unless this sindh enemy law of SPLGO is completely abrogated or repealed by the hypocrite PPP – Shama Munshi


KARACHI (PR): Shama munshi Media coordinator to PML F sindh has denied the mis information deliberately being spread to mislead the followers of pml f. In one of her statement issued here today she lamented that the incumbent PPP government and it’s coalition partners are very much pertubed and threatened of the increasing graph of Pakistan Muslim league functional throughout the country. In order to mislead and misguide the masses of Pakistan they are spreading the rumours of nominating sain pir pagara as next prime minister of care taking setup. Sain Pir pagara is a politician and man of principals,who the world knows can never be lured by any lucrative offers made by incumbent government to support their lost graph in the country. Sain pir pagara does not believe in compromising & bargaining over the vital interests and integrity of sindh. Sain pir pagara has totally refused to even hold any sort of negotiation with the government until and unless this sindh enemy law of SPLGO is completely abrogated or repealed by the hypocrite PPP who has harmed the cause of sindh by badly shattering the confidence of sindhi masses. The masses & history of sindh will never forgive these traitors for this disloyalty committed against them.Sain pir pagara is already having a kingdom blessed to him by Allah Almighty,thus these posts carry no meaning in his sight. Even sain pir pagara ancestors Soriya Badshah laid down his life for the sake of of his beloved soil by raising the slogan of “Watan or “Kafan”. Sain G.M Syed once said to Sindh masses that they dont need to get Perplexed when Sain pir pagara is there among with them. 

Shama Munshi further added that Sain pir pagara yesterday thought provoking address to his murids on the occasion of Eid-Milad-UN_nabi reflects his sincerity,truthness & his revolutionary vision to bring and implement a system which should be deviod of illiteracy & unawareness of the masses towards the issues.His address has literally enlightened the masses who lacks proper guidance. The “leadership ” crisis in Pakistan after the demise of Quaid-e_Azam is filled by incumbent Pir Pagara.His inflexible,firm and unfeared stand on dual & black law of SPLGO has won the hearts of all the sindhis who want to get rid of the dicriminative approach adopted against them soon after the creation of Pakistan.Sain Pir Pagara slogan” united sindh” united Pakistan” is a slap on anti-pakistan forces who has got no concern with the problems and welfare of the comman man, rather they are only busy in mutual loot and plunder of the resources of sindh and pakistan. The up coming elections will rise the sun of the role of sain pir pagara in the country which will wipe off all the mess created in 65 years of pakistan by the so called politicians, bureaucrats,dishonest elements of establishment and ex corrupted judges who have weakened the basis of Pakistan. Being the representative of young generation i can forsee a very bright future of Pakistan under the principled leadership of Sain pir pagara whose practical revolutionary manifesto will determine the mechanism to change the destiny of Pakistan and bring it on the path of progress & success in all segments of life. Sain pir pagara and his team in pml f consisting of imtiaz shaikh, pirzada yasir sain, Akber Rashidi and others have played a siginificant role in dispelling a negative impression against ” feudral lords”. A term used frequently by few political parties to instigate the sentiments of masses to run thier business of politics in the country. Shama munshi concluded her statement by saying that atleast PML F is not a party which is involved in land grabbing, target kiilling, terrorism or running torture cells against anti pml f elements in the country.