Playgrounds have also become chaotic due to the coronavirus epidemic – Husna Nisar


MARDAN:(PRI): According to a press release, Husna Nisar, A well-known young hockey player from Mardan Garhi Kapura, said that the coronavirus has disrupted playgrounds around the world and especially in Pakistan due to the global epidemic. She said that coronavirus has caused mental distress to humanity all over the world which can be a threat to humanity. She said that a player can be on the path of success only when he or she

Insha’Allah, People will soon be protected from the coronavirus epidemic. Famous Hockey Player

works hard and diligently. Every player should work for the betterment of his/her field so that they can go far in their field and do something for the development of their country and nation. She said that hockey is my favorite sport and I want to brighten the name of my country and nation through the national game of hockey. Leading young hockey player Husna Nisar said in a press statement that it is important that women should stand side by side with men in every field so that women can do everything themselves like men, She further added that women are unable to advance in the field and that is because there is no support for women so that they can advance in any field and become something in life.

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