PM directs coordinated efforts for public safety amid torrential rains

73 directs coordinated efforts for public safety amid torrential rains

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday directed the provincial governments and the National Disaster Management Authority for making coordinated efforts to ensure public safety and relocation of the affected people as monsoon rains battered parts of the country.

The prime minister said that all-out efforts should be made to protect the people against losses, instructing the NDMA to join hands with the provincial governments as well as the provincial disaster management authorities.

Calling for relocation of the affected population to safer areas, the prime minister directed the federal government institutions to extend all possible support to the provincial governments and institutions to handle the situation.

He also instructed the authorities to establish temporary shelters for the affected people and ensure food supply there besides activating medical teams for emergency medical aid and prevention of infectious diseases.

For this purpose, he also instructed for timely fumigation and deployment of the required workforce and machinery to drain out the rainwater.

The prime minister, who also telephonically spoke with the Chief Minister of Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah, expressed grief over the loss of lives and properties in Karachi and other parts of the country.

“Just spoke to CM Syed Murad Ali Shah. We were deeply saddened by the tragic losses due to torrential rains in Karachi. I am confident that the Sindh government will rise to the occasion and bring life back to normal under the able leadership of CM Sindh, the prime minister wrote on Twitter, also offering to extend every possible support to the provincial government.

He asked the NDMA to extend rescue and relief support to the provincial government for the protection of the people in Karachi and other areas of Sindh.

Similarly, the prime minister also directed the relevant authorities to ensure the prevention of electrocution incidents during the flooding situation.

Expressing solidarity with the victims of the torrential rains, the prime minister assured that the federal government would utilize all-out resources to protect and support the people. Association of America/Pak American Journalist’s Club USA

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