PM felicitates nation on FBR’s Rs 1,395 bln revenue collection in 1st quarter

290 PM felicitates nation on FBR’s

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday felicitated the nation on the upward economic trajectory as the Federal Board of Revenue collected Rs 1,395 billion in the first quarter against the target of Rs 1,211 billion.

“I congratulate the nation on FBR’s achievement of collecting Rs.1,395 billion in Q1 of FA 2021-22 against the target of Rs.1,211 billion,” the prime minister tweeted.

Imran Khan mentioned that the situation was reflective of the growth in revenues by 38 percent.

“This represents a growth of 38 percent in revenues over the same period last year,” he said.

Later, the Prime Minister in another tweet described the launching of the Track and Trace System by FBR as “more good news”.

He said it will boost additional revenue, digitize the economy, curb counterfeiting – all steps towards an effective and transparent governance system.

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