PMA & SDWA meets health Secretariat team


KARACHI, 28th June 2012: A delegation of Pakistan Medical Association Sindh and Sindh Doctors Welfare Association , Dr Samrina Hashmi, Dr Mujtaba Memon, Dr G.N. Jilani,  met the Secretary Health, Additional Sec. Health Taha Faruqui, deputy Sec .s Essa Memon and Imdad Shah, on 27th June 2012, in Sec Health’s office. This meeting was a sequel to the previous meeting of 23rd june , in which we presented the present problems in writing .

The main issue was the awaited actualization  of already promoted doctors od BPS-19 . There is frustration among these 44 doctors.  The board for these promotions was on 7th july 2011. Eleven doctors out of these are retired already. A whole year had been passed.  We explained to the secretariat team that the problem is These seats of BPS-20 , are filled with politically backed doctors and Non doctors of lesser grade . The doctor who has the right to be on those posts is not even getting salary, as these poor doctors have no backing .

The Health secretariat team assured us that by 10th of july 2012, they will prepare the list of those about to be 

retired in 6 months and will start posting them . They said they are unable to move the ones of lesser grade, and occupying the BPS-20 posts. They also assured us that those already retired will get otders of actualization from the date of board i.e. 7th july2011, so have all the benefits .

We also brought it to the attention of the Health sec. team that 42 cases of promotion of BPS-18 (Reserved Seats) are in pending in Health Department since last 10 months , they may be forwarded to S&GAD.

The Secretariate team assured us that by 10th july 2012, the seniority list of female doctors’ promotions will be made , and circulated for DPC on 15th August 2012.

We brought the attention of Sec. team to the issue that a DPC on 9th May ’12 promoted doctors from 17 to BPS -18, Two months have elapsed ,    the notification is not issued. This list was sent to S&GAD, for formal approval . S&GAD has sent a letter to Health dept. Interestingly, The S&GAD is on 1st floor and Health Dept is on 6th floor. But letters take months to be entertained in 21st century .

We also brought their attention to the issue that hundreds of BPS17 post were upgraded into BPS-18, But no new posts in BPS 17, Created, There are so few junior doctors working in govt. institutes, and so many are un-employed , but No new job vacancies created. There was no new recruitment in the last 10 years .

We also raised the issue of Incentives allowed by the Govt (through Finance dept) like non-practicing Allowance, casuality allowance , dangerous disease allowance , rural allowance . The doctors are not getting these allowances , as there are no guidelines issued by the health dept. as to who is eligible for these allowances . Unfortunately , a year has passed, these allowances were given in the last budget.

The new Prime minister has assured that posting and promotions will be done on merit, but unfortunately , in Sindh , the Higher posts are occupied by those with political backing . No one is taking any notice and none is taking any action. These are the issues which force doctors to come out on the streets for their rights .