PML-N decides to go to court against Asad Qaiser


PESHAWAR: It seems like PML-N and PTI are in no mood to settle their disputes that easy. In a recent bid, PML-N leadership has decided to go to court against Speaker KP Assembly, Asad Qaiser.

The reason cited for the legal action has been his participation in the protest against the federal government.

PML-N parliamentary leadership inside the KP Assembly has expressed their deepest concerns over the allegedly biased involvement of Asad Qaiser in the protests led by CM Pervaiz Khattak and also unleashing verbal onslaught against the federal government in his speech.

PML-N leadership also let it be known that Asad Qaiser was selected unopposed as a speaker of KP Assembly, however, he has lost his credibility owing to the biased behavior that he showed during the protest against the government through his actions.

Other opposition parties in the KP Assembly have also been contacted by the PML-N leadership as case against Asad Qaiser is expected to be filed soon on their behalf.

The legal war between the two parties ignites further with the recent decision of PML-N leaders. (Shuja ullah Khan,