Pollution free Self-driving electric buses start trial route in Norway


Oslo, Norway (By Ahmed Tanveer): The Minister of Transport and Communications, Ketil Solvik-Olsen Fremskrittspartiet is looking forward to the initiative from Ruter. The Ruter plans to start the testing of self-drive buses service in Oslo. According to the local Norwegian newspaper  that new self-driving electric buses will be trialled on the streets of Oslo. The source said  that the buses will be tested in couples of days  with the long-term aim of running 10-20 buses in the Oslo and Akershus area. The busses ticket you can order it throught the Ruter app and there’ll be a five to ten minute wait to purchase the ticket. You decide where to go so long as it is with in the test area. On the road, the bus picks up other passengers. There may also be fixed routes. The test period will end in January 2019. The testing of self-driven vehicles facilitates the development and testing of new technology. It helps to ensure good competitive conditions for Norwegian technology companies, so that they can be at the forefront in creating new jobs and services,’ continued said the Minister for Transport.