Pope Francis and the King of Morocco sign an appeal for Jerusalem


The Pope and King Mohammed VI had a private meeting this Saturday afternoon in Rabat, after which a joint appeal for Jerusalem was made public.

On the occasion of the papal visit to Morocco, Pope Francis and King Mohammed VI, “recognizing the uniqueness and sacredness of Jerusalem / Al Quds Acharif and having at heart its spiritual significance and its special vocation as City of Peace Have signed this call:
“We consider it important to preserve the Holy City of Jerusalem / Al Quds Asharif as a common heritage of humanity and, above all for the faithful of the three monotheistic religions, as a meeting place and symbol of peaceful co existence, where the mutual respect and dialogue.

For this purpose, the specific, multi-religious character, spiritual dimension and cultural identity of Jerusalem / Al Quds Asharif must be preserved and promoted. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address <editor@enewspaper.com.pk & WhatsApp +923132434567)