Portuguese need to “wait calmly” for easing of restrictions


Lisbon, Portugal (By/Naveed Ahmed): “We really need to get to the level of 20 deaths per million inhabitants. There has been a downward trend and, therefore, we will wait to get there as soon as possible, so that political decisions can be taken later”, said António Lacerda Sales.

The Assistant Secretary of State for Health has said that it is necessary to “wait calmly” for the easing of Covid-19 restrictions.

António Lacerda Sales said that, at the moment, Portugal still has 25 deaths per million inhabitants within 14 days, a value which is still higher than the threshold of 20 deaths.
The Secretary of State said that, however, “another of the goals for the end of restrictions has already been achieved”: an occupancy of fewer than 170 beds in intensive care units by Covid-19 patients, with “60 to 65 vacancies”.
At level zero, the use of a mask will not be mandatory, but only recommended for those who have symptoms and digital certificates will no longer be required.

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