“PPP Big Flop Show” – Shama Munshi Media co-ordinator PML F


Karachi (PR): Shama Munshi Media co-ordinator PML F has said that ppp’s 27th dec jalsa is a “Big Flop Show”, which is mark of slap on ppp’s anti sindh policies by the masses of Sindh. PPP can no more play sindh card after betraying Sindhis by imposing black law of SPLGO upon them. PPP should now avoid playing the politics of death bodies because people have enough shed tears over death bodies. People are surrounded by thousand of issues which they know could never be solved by ppp of Zardari group. 

PPP is breathing its last and if free & fair election are held that only PML F will only attain 2/3rd majority in Sindh and all other provinces with his coalition partners. Sain Pir Pagara has not left the Sindhis people alone, when the conspiracy of SPLGO was hatched to divide Sindh. His slogan united Sindh united pakistan and mass contact campaign has won the hearts of millions of Sindhi’s and they have come to know that it is only Sain pir pagara who will never trade on the integrity and interest of Sindh. PPP has tried its best together many people for 27th jalsa by distributing 500 rs per head but even this strategy has proved to be failed. People have rejected ppp now.They have become aware that who is loyal with them and who is the traitor?