President Jimmy Carter addressed to Donald TRUMP

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A shocking message that former President Jimmy Carter addressed to Donald TRUMP in response to his recent interview on China: “…You are afraid that China will surpass us, and I agree with you. But do you know why China will surpass us? I normalized diplomatic relations with Beijing in 1979, since that date…you know how many times China went to war with anyone? Not once, while we’re constantly at war. The United States is the most warlike nation in the history of the world, as it wants to impose on states that respond to our government and American values ??throughout the West and to control companies that have energy resources in other countries. China, for its part, is investing its resources in infrastructure projects, intercontinental and transoceanic high-speed railways, 6G technology, robotic intelligence, universities, hospitals, ports, and buildings instead of using them for military expenses. How many kilometers of high-speed railways do we have in our country? We squandered $300 billion in military expenditures to subdue countries seeking to break out of our hegemony. China has not wasted a single cent on war, which is why it surpasses us in almost every area. And if we had taken $300 billion to install infrastructure, robots, and public health in the US, we would have high-speed transoceanic bullet trains. We would have bridges that don’t collapse, free health care for Americans not to infect thousands more Americans than any country in the world through COVID-19. We would have paths that are properly maintained. Our education system would be as good as South Korea or Shanghai.” (Jimmy Carter, in Newsweek Magazine)

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