President promulgates National Accountability (Amendment-II) Ordinance

357 President promulgates National Accountability

ISLAMABAD, O(APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi on Wednesday promulgated the National Accountability (Amendment-II) Ordinance (NAO) 2021 under Article 89 of the Constitution of Pakistan.

Under the said Ordinance, Section 4 of the Ordinance 1999 had been amended, a press release said.

According to the ordinance, it will not apply to federal, provincial, and local taxation/levies matters, and the decisions of the federal and provincial cabinets, whereas committees and sub-committees would not fall under the purview of the promulgated law.

The ordinance will not apply to the decisions of the CCI, NFC, ECNEC, CDWP, SBP.

A further amendment was made to Section 5 of the Ordinance 1999.

Under the new ordinance, the president in consultation with the Chief Justice of Pakistan would establish accountability courts in the country.

The judge of the Accountability Court would be designated with the consultation of the CJP whose age should not exceed 68 years and his appointment would be made for the three years term.

The president would have the authority to remove a judge of the accountability court in consultation with the CJP.

Section 6 of the Ordinance 1999 was also amended under which the president will appoint the NAB chairman in consultation with the prime minister and the leader of the opposition.

In case, there is no consensus on the appointment of the new NAB chairman, the matter will be referred to a parliamentary committee.

In that case, the Speaker National Assembly would constitute a parliamentary committee with equal representation from the treasury and the opposition benches.

According to the ordinance, the term of the NAB chairman’s office will be of four years.

The ordinance further said that the procedure for the removal of Supreme Court judges as envisaged in Article 209 of the Constitution will be applicable over NAB chairman.

The chairman NAB could be appointed for a period of further four years after completion of his or her term. Under the new amendment, the incumbent (outgoing) chairman would perform his duties till the appointment of a new chairman.

Whereas, Section 31 DD was also added through the new amendment. Without the approval of the Governor State Bank of Pakistan, no proceedings/investigations could be held against any board of the bank or financial institution.

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