President urges Swat youth to invest in tourism, hospitality sectors

217 urges Swat youth to invest in tourism, hospitality sectors

ISLAMABAD, (APP): President Dr. Arif Alvi Friday while citing the immense potential of tourism in Swat, urged the youths of the area to invest in tourism as well as the hospitality sectors.

The president, in a meeting with a delegation of Swat Chamber of Commerce and Industry headed by Adnan Ali, said the jobs could be created by exploiting the opportunities in the tourism sector.

He also emphasized the need for training the youths in hospitality, hoteling, and restaurant management.

The president told the delegation that besides imparting their skill training, the government was also providing loans to the youth for establishing their own businesses.

Moreover, the roads and basic infrastructure were also being improved to promote tourism in the area.

The delegation members apprised the president of the issues being faced by the business community, who assured them of his support for their resolution.

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