Promotion of Business Ties between Pakistan and Belarus


Belarus: Ambassador Sajjad Haider Khan held a meeting with Mr. Pavel G. Topouzidis, owner of “Korona Chain Stores” who is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Tabak Invest” to discuss trade and investment opportunities with Pakistan. Mr. Topouzidis is also the Honourary Consul of Greece and Romania in Minsk.  Highlighting the quality and price competitiveness of Pakistani exportable commodities, the Ambassador proposed

providing an opportunity for the export of Home Textile products, rice, Himalayan Pink salt products, Kinnow, and denim products to be sold at the Korona stores across Belarus. Besides, the potential for the import of tobacco and marble was also discussed.  Expressing gratitude for the briefing, Mr. Topouzidis assured to start the import of basmati rice and Himalayan salt products in the near future, as a start.

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