Proposed Establishment of ICH: Overseas Pakistanis Shared Concerns with CCP


ISLAMABAD, 29 SEPTEMBER 2012: Various Overseas Pakistanis have shared their concern with the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) stating that the hard working overseas Pakistanis who call their loved ones inPakistan will now find it extremely expensive to callPakistan and the remittance toPakistan will also reduce.

Apprehensions have been expressed that the economic activity will suffer as overseas companies will be discouraged to do business with Pakistan. The worry is that if establishment of International Clearing House (ICH) and the rates fixed for termination of incoming overseas calls toPakistanis given effect as proposed by Ministry of Information Technology (MoIT) and Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) from 01 October, 2012 it will become very expensive in comparison to the neighbouring countries.

CCP has also learnt that international companies have expressed their concerns regarding these proposed changes and the impact on their businesses in Pakistan. These companies are requesting the Ministry of Information Technology and the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority to consider delaying any implementation until the trade implications (vis-à-vis Pakistan’s international obligation under General Agreement on Trade and Services (GATS)) in this regard have been discussed further.