Protest for health workers killing


KARACHI (PR): A sad demonstration was held by People’s Health Movement Sindh Secretariat to condemn the miserable killings of polio vaccination campaign’s health workers in Pakistan on Dec 20, 2012 at Karachi Press Club. Members of the PHM sindh conveyed their grievances and sympathies for the families who have been victimized through the brutal acts of un identified assassins.

They were protesting against injustice and to give message to the authorities responsible for the safety of innocent people.

Eight people working on a polio vaccination campaign shot dead till now. Those killed were among thousands who work selflessly across Pakistan to eradicate polio. They made appeal to Health Workers not to damage their causes by strikes and offensive protest.

They made a request to annoyed groupings not to kill the innocent people for showing their anger and fulfill their resentments.

Government must take care of affected families and take appropriate safety measures for social workers as the volunteer services to humanity cannot be stopped.