PSB denotifies PHF office-bearers

82 denotifies PHF office-bearers

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) on Thursday denotified all the office-bearers of the Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) on the expiry of their tenure.

According to a PSB press release, the election of PHF was held on 15-05-2018 in which office-bearers were elected for a term of four years. Brig. (retd) M. Khalid Sajjad Khokhar was elected as president PHF, Olympian Shahbaz Ahmad Senior secretary-general, and Muhammad Ikhlaq treasurer.

Asif Bajwa was nominated as secretary-general for the second term in 2019 for the intervening period after the resignation of Shahbaz Ahmad which has been expired on 14-05-2022 along with other office-bearers.

“The tenure of the office-bearers has expired on 14-05-2022 and no election notice/schedule has been issued by the PHF despite a lapse of more than two months which is in violation of National Sports Policy 2005.

“Foregoing in view, the PSB hereby de-notifies all the office-bearers on the expiry of their tenure with immediate effect,” the press release added. Association of America/Pak American Journalist’s Club USA

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