PTI making efforts to bring transparency in electoral system: Governor Sarwar

83 PTI making efforts to bring

LAHORE, (APP): Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government is making sincere efforts to bring transparency in the electoral system of the country.

According to a handout issued here, he was talking to a delegation of overseas Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia, led by Dr. Khalid Azeem Khattak, on Friday. He said that the opposition parties were creating hurdles in the way of the overseas Pakistanis’ right to vote.

The governor said that giving the right to vote to overseas Pakistanis would further strengthen democracy in the country and the overseas Pakistanis would play their role in the development and prosperity of the country with more enthusiasm.

Governor Sarwar said that the government had been inviting all political parties to discuss the issue of electoral reforms from day one, but the opposition was not responding positively. He said the opposition parties should talk to the government on the issue of reforms so that the next general elections in the country could be made transparent.

Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar said that people had been pointing fingers at all the elections held in Pakistan, but the government wanted the next general elections to be made so transparent that even the losing candidate could not point fingers at its transparency. There was no other option than electoral reforms and the use of electronic voting machines to hold transparent elections, he added.

The governor said that the government was solving problems of overseas Pakistanis on a priority basis, adding that the government had saved Pakistan from economic bankruptcy. He said Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP+) status had benefited Pakistan by over 24 billion dollars.

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