Ramadan offers opportunities to be pious and kind: Mahenti



KARACHI: JULY20, 2012. Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Chief Muhammad Hussain Mahenti has said that the holy Quran was descended upon the heart of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the holy month of Ramadan, which is a highly august and blessed month.

In a statement issued here on Friday on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, Mahenti said that the holy Quran is the only divine Book that is intact and would remain intact till the Day of Judgment and it could never be altered, modified or replaced and it is the only Book of ultimate guidance to the whole of the mankind.

He said that the Ramadan is the month to seek Almighty Allah’s forgiveness, take a firm stance to lead the life in strict compliance to the teachings and commands laid in the holy Quran. The Ramadan is the month to examine one’s character, attitude and behavior towards other human and creatures, he added.


The Ramadan is the month to engage in prayers as much as one could and should also remember the war-driven Muslims of Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Palestine and in particular Myanmar where the Muslims are exposed to deliberate genocide under the forces of Myanmar, he appealed.

The fasting in the holy month of Ramadan creates force in humans to endure pains with courage and help improve innerself of those who fast, he said adding that the fasting improves ties with the Almighty Allah and helps become pious and kind.

While regretting over the problems that the people of the country have been confronting for past many years, Mahenti stressed upon the people saying that since the country is gripped by unending crises such as poverty, hunger, target killings, lawlessness, corruption, profiteering, violation of human rights and many more so it is imperative on us all Muslims that we organise special event for collective prayers seeking Allah’s forgiveness so as to seek his blessing and riddance of the evils.

JI concerned on silence of UNO, OIC on Muslims genocide in Myanmar


KARACHI: JULY21, 2012. Jamaat-e Islami Karachi Ameer Muhammad Hussain Mahenti has while expressing concern on genocide of the Muslims of Republic of Union of Myanmar demanded the United Nations and Organisation of Islamic Countries to play their roles for the cessation of ongoing genocide of the Muslims in Burma. In this regard, the Ameer had despathced letters to UNO, OIC, Ambassadors, Diplomats and government executives wherein he had expressed concerns on ongoing massacre of Muslim minority of Burma by the fanatic Buddhist extremists, Burmese armed forces under the aegis of the Burmese Military dictatorship.

Mahenti in his letters reminded that so far around 20,000 Muslims had been killed in Myanmar while more than 90,000 were forced to leave their homes for fear of being killed. Worship places of the Muslims, the Masjids and properties were set ablaze. The genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar was not a new matter but the history of Myanmar had a chain of such episodes of genocide of the Muslims. In 1942, the Buddhists extremists had killed more than 20,000 Muslims and the genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar was being continued since 1962.

He said that the military dictatorship of Myanmar had started massacre of the Muslims in 1976 after the Muslims demanded rights; thus, the affected Muslims had to flee to Bangladesh for refuge, however, the Bangladesh government had in recent incidents of migration refused to accept the Burmese migrants. More than 1 million Burmese Muslims had so far been rendered homeless, thousands were burnt alive, children and women were brutally killed by the fanatic Buddhist s.

In 1958, Buddhism was declared as official religion of Myanmar after which the Buddhists extremists had been carrying out massacre of the Muslims. In Rohingya alone, hundreds of villages of Muslims were set ablaze, women, men and children were chased and killed and their bodies were thrown into fire.

Mahenti demanded the international community, especially the UNO, OIC, Amnesty International, International Human Rights NGOs, and countries of the West to play their role in the prevention of Muslims’ genocide and respect of rights of the Muslim minority in Myanmar.

JI former Parliamentarians demand Govt to curb profiteering

KARACHI: JULY21, 2012.  Former members of provincial and national assembly belonging to Jamaat-e Islami, Muzaffar Hashmi, Laiq Khan, Nasarullah Shaji, Younus Barai and Hameedullah Advocate have expressed their concern on rise in prices of grocery, fruits, vegetable, poultry products, meat and beef immediately with the commencement of holy month of Ramadan.

They have termed it as failure of the government and negative aspects of government’s policies.

In a statement issued here on Saturday, they demanded the government to issue price-controlling mechanism and ensure complete implementation on price lists.

They said that the Satans were caged in the holy month of Ramadan but the profiteers are set free that create problems for the masses. It was the responsibility of the government to take the profiteers to task and provide relief to the common man.

They said that in the holy month of Ramadan, people found it impossible to break the fast with traditional cuisine, fruits and other items due to extra high rates of edible goods. The profiteers had besides raising prices of fruits by hundredfold have also started hording so as to create artificial crisis so that they could sell the fruits and vegetables at extra high rates.