Rescheduling of CNG Shut down for Thursday in Sindh


Karachi (PR): SSGC’s management has decided to withdraw the closure notice of CNG shut down for Thursday 09 May 2013. Now there will be no Shut down of CNG stations in Sindh on the respective dates, as announced earlier. SSGC has already announced not to observe the CNG shut down on Saturday 11 May 2013 due to the Election Day.


The honorable Sindh High Court has granted stay order in favour of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC), against the directives of the Election Commission of Pakistan, Provincial Election Commission and the Returning Officer (R.O.) for NA- 239. SSGC had prayed before the Honorable Court in its Constitutional petition no. D-1832 of 2013 dated 30 April 2013, that according to the Section 9(1) of the Representatives of the People Act, 1976, only the employees of federal, provincial, local governments and corporations established or controlled by such governments could be appointed as Presiding, Assistant Presiding and Polling Officers. SSGC is a public limited company, originally incorporated under the Companies Act, 1913, and now existing under the Companies Ordinance 1984; therefore it does not fall within the ambit of Section 9 (1) of the People Act, 1976.

The RO for NA-239 constituency has issued various notices to the Petitioner (SSGC) to provide the lists of its employees, who would be appointed as Presiding, Assistant Presiding and Polling Officers.

Furthermore, the Stay Order elaborated that “Election Commission has no authority either to call for the said list and/or to direct the employees of the petitioner to perform the duties and functions of Polling Agents in any election”.