Rt. Hon. Overseas Minister of Pakistan paid tribute to the Pakistan Achievement Awards UK & Europe and said that efforts of the Overseas cannot be ruled out.



London (P R): 

Overseas Pakistanis especially living in UK and Europe are playing a significant role in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and their services cannot be lauded adequately. These views were expressed by the Federal Minister for Overseas Community Rt. Hon. Pir Syed Sadar ud din Shah on the event of 5th Pakistan Achievement Award UK & Europe 2013.

The programme was started with the recitation from the holy Quran and Mr. Jamshaid Riaz recited the verses from the holy Quran. The main sponsor of the PAA was a well-known British Lawyer Dr. Malik of the Malik Law Chambers.  In the programme important people belonging to politics, business and social circles, not just from the UK and Europe but from the entire world participated in a great number.

On this occasion Rt. Hon. Pir Sadar ud Din Shah further appreciated the fact that Pakistan Achievement Awards programme is being arranged for the last 4 years which is a very laudable act. He paid special tribute to the PAA and said that efforts of the Overseas cannot be ruled out. These overseas people Pakistanis and Kashmiris, though they are living away from their homeland are playing an important role for the country and we are trying our level best to help out their problems.

Earlier, the Minister for Overseas Affairs had distributed awards among the lucky winners of the Pakistan Achievement Awards which include Anwar Chaudhry, Rukhsana Ali, Muhammad Asim, Muhammad Amir, Riaz Gull, Haji Muhammad Sabir, Dr. Saadat Sameer, Abdul Razak Sajid  etc.

The Chairman Pakistan Achievement Awards A. Haq also delivered his address. He said that PAA is going to complete its 5 years. Numerous problems came in the way of arranging it all along but we, the PAA team worked hard and devotedly overlooking all the problems considering it as a national service. We came out successful by the Grace of God and surely we will in the future as well. The Chairman PAA further said that the only purpose behind holding this award programme is to present before the western media the role Pakistani community is playing world over as an enlightened nation in the uplift of humanity at large and Pakistan in particular. They are playing their roles positively, in a variety of positions wherever they are working.  Chairman PAA, A Haq said, @ Pakistanis are a great nation and they have the capacity to work wonders even when working in tough times.

In the ceremony, the British Member Parliament and Shadow cabinet, Minister for Justice Rt. Hon. Sadiq Khan also expressed his views. He said that the Pakistanis have played vital role for the progress and development of not only Pakistan alone but have also a big share in the progress and development of the UK and they have made great sacrifices. These sacrifices will be remembered not in UK alone but the world will also acknowledge them. He lauded PAA for the efforts it made for the arrangement of such a dignified ceremony to encourage people from far and wide. He also showed great concern to help and encourage such efforts of PAA. He invited other participants to come forward and help and facilitate efforts of PAA. He handed over the Humanitarian of the Year Award to Al-Khair Foundation.

British Attorney General Rt. Hon. Dominic Greave expressed in his views during his address that whenever he goes into a celebration of Pakistanis, he feels very proud of the fact that they are making great progress and particularly they are far advanced in positive actions. He also expressed his happiness over PAA and expressed his will to support in future. Naveed Ahmed of Management Gold Team received his award from the Attorney General.

 Chairman Conservative Friends of Pakkistan, Michael Wade also acknowledged the services of the PAA and offered Professional of the Year award to Hasssan Imiazi.  Entrepreneur of the Year Award was won by Fokhera Khalid of Chak 89. Mr. F. Khalid expressed thanks to the panel of Jury and organising Committee of the PAA. He also acknowledged the efforts of the Pakistani community living in the UK and said that they should encourage holding such programmes which boost the morale of the Pakistanis. Businessman of the Year award went to Shabir Hussain from Akbars Restaurant, Media Person of the year went to Mr. Asad Shan. Pakistani Designer Sultan Aasi won the Art, Culture &n Fashion award. Imran Khan a well known singer received the award of the Young Person of the Year. In the end Role Model of the Year award went to Dr. MAlik of the Malik Law Chambers.

After these awards, two main awards, Award Star of Pakistan 2013 which equals to the life time achievement award in the PAA 2013 circle were delivered to a well known business, social and political personalities Dr. Ashraf Chohan and Atif Akram. The winner of Star of Pakistan Award 2013 Ashraf Chohan expressing his views said unfurling Pakistani flag in the comity of nations like this is not a simple and easy affair. Pakistanis are surely a great nation. He further acknowledged the efforts of the overseas Pakistani community particularly those Pakistani young men who work day and night and serve not only g the UK but Pakistan; they must be encouraged. In the end the Chairman, Board of Advisory Abdul Majid Shaheen called all the Board Members on the stage as a token of encouragement.

In the programme celebrated Kathak Star Karan Pingali, Pakistani singer Annie Kkalid performed to entertain the audience. Well-known comedian Omer Sharif also entertained the audience by his performance and got great applause. The programme ended with expression of commitment to the cause of progress and prosperity of Pakistan by the PAA.