Sain Pir Pagara raised the slogan of either Watan or Kafan, say Shama Munshi – PML-F


Karachi (Media Coordinator PML F ladies Wing Sindh) Pakistan People Party (PPP) has literally betrayed Sindh masses; they have reached to an agreement with MQM for mutual grabbing of rural & urban resources of Sindh. Sindh is divided today due to this dual system of SPLGO. Sindh is sense of deprivation is deliberately being enhanced. Why only Sindh is being treated like a “step son”. In every ear there is the exploitation of my province by raising different sort of controversial issues like of “Kala Bag Dam” etc. and now this black law. What is the fault of Sindh? Yesterday rescuers Mohajirs are claiming the ownership of our resources today. This is a conspiracy to divide Sindh. I wonder why hell media & other parties are playing the role of mute spectators? SPLGO repealed or abrogated immediately. Pakistan People Party government has touched the height of conscienceless by assenting it as a law in Sindh Assembly. PPP has traded the integrity of Sindh for pretty interests. They have bargained over the vital interest of Sindh. Speaker Sindh Assembly Nisar Khurro’s claim for the amendment of this black law to specify opposition parties is just fruitless now. PPP has harmed Sindh province and laid the foundation of carving out new provinces out of Sindh. My leader, my Pir my Murshid martyred Sain Pir Pagara raised the slogan of either “Watan” or Kafan” PML Functional under the true leadership of Pir Sain Pagara Subghtullah Rashdhi has rejected ministries and other posts. Sain Pir Pagara says there will no bargaining with the government over the integrity of Sindh. He says bother our “Eidgahs” and Qabristans” are here and over his instructions PML Functional running campaign against this black throughout the Sindh. In order to show solidarity with Sindh masses our Pir Sain Pagara himself visiting Sindh soon after the Moharram. We Sindh are even prepared to lay down our lives for the integrity of beloved land over the instructions of our leader Pir Sain Pagara. It’s the time to forget our differences and raise our voice against discrimination otherwise a bloody revolution will come swept away these hypocrite elements from my beloved land.