Samina Alvi for empowerment of women through IT

100 Samina Alvi for empowerment

KARACHI, (APP): First Lady Samina Alvi on Sunday stressed the need for the empowerment of women through Information Technology (IT) so that they could meet their financial needs and help their families by working at home.

She said that the world had become a global village and Information Technology had provided a deluge of opportunities to the people.

While addressing a laptop distribution ceremony by Saylani Welfare International Trust at Bahria University Campus (Karachi), she urged the women to come forward and join the field of I.T for themselves and the development of the country.

She said that women could brighten their future by learning modern information technology courses. First Lady Samina Alvi

Samina said that the women were fifty percent of the total population of the country and if they would sit at home then how the country would progress.
She said, ‘We have to empower our sisters.’

She also spoke on breast cancer and its awareness.
She on the occasion asked the participants to work collectively for the welfare of the differently-abled people.

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