Sathee Writers Awards Held Inspector Punjab Police Recognized as the Best Story writer of the Year


    Karachi: Organized by the children’s premiere Urdu magazine Monthly Sathee, the 14th edition of ‘Sathee Writers’ Awards’ for the year 2017 held yesterday night here at Faran Club in Karachi. Distinguished Urdu Scholar Dr. Moin Uddin Aqeel was the chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he said children’s literature is growing by leaps and bounds without any government support and that too by the young volunteers, which is no mean feat by all accounts.

    Children’s literature is growing in Pakistan by leaps and bounds without any government support: Dr. Moin Uddin Aqeel, Distinguished Urdu Scholar

    Among the leading speakers who addressed on the occasion were senior journalists Athar Hashmi and Mubasshir Ali Zaidi, renowned Urdu poets Professor Inayat Ali Khan Tonki and Ajmal Siraj and such leading writers as Afshan Naveed and Muneer Ahmed Rashid.

    Police Inspector Ahmed Adnan Tariq, who is associated with the Punjab Police in its Faisalabad region, was given the ‘Best Storywriter Award’ for the year 2015. Renowned Urdu novelist late Ishtiaq Ahmed was awarded posthumous ‘Nishan-E- Sipas,’ which was received by his relatives.

    Among the other award winners were Mir Shahid Hussain, Jawaid Bisam, Hammad Zaheer, Naila Siddiqui, Fouzia Khaleel, Ibn-e-Aas, Saleem Faruqui, Farhat Tahir, Altaf Hussain, Mazhar Abbass, Bina Siddiqui, Fatima Noor Siddiqui, Seema Siddiqui, Rahat Ayesha and many others.

    In the Best Poet’s category, the award winners were Ahmed Hatib Siddiqui, Zia-Ul-Hassan Zia, Imran Narmi, Safdar Ali Safdar, Ufaq Dehlvi, Imtiaz Arif, Shareef Sheva, Tanveer Phool, Naeem Ahmed Naeem and Sham Durrani. In the category of ‘Emerging Writers,’ the award winners were: Syed Ayesha Khaleeq-Ur-Rehman, Noreen Eman, Mrs. Mohammad Faisal, Syed Yahya Ali, Aruba Imtiaz Khan, Muneeb Abdul Rehman Siddiqui, Komal Fatima Ullah Bakhsh, Bushra Hashmi, Asiya Imran and Shariq Ibrar Shajar.

    Every year, the Sathee Writers’ Awards are given to leading Urdu writers, poets and essayists for their valuable contributions to children’s literature produced in Urdu.