Senior Management Course officers visit to TDAP office in Karachi


Anis Alam giving briefing to the officers of 14th Senior Management Course officers visiting TDAP on 26/11/2013

Karachi (PR): The officers of 14th Senior Management Course , who are within the promotion zone of BS-20 and attending Senior Management Wing of National Management College (erst while NIPA Lahore ) visited TDAP on 26th Nov, 2013.

The visiting officers, who were 15 in numbers, belong to various occupation group and services of the country like Pakistan Administrative Service, Foreign Service, Information, Customs, Inland Revenue, Audit &Accounts, Police Railways, Secretariat, Planning Division, Provincial Services.

In connection of their study tour, the participants of the course are visiting key institutions in both the public and private sector which is an essential component of the Senior Management Course.

The group of 15 participants including 1 faculty member visited TDAP under the leadership of Dr. Naila Zafar, Faculty Member in-charge.

The visiting officers and faculty members were welcome by Ms. Rabiya Javeri Agha, Secretary, TDAP. The officers were given presentation on the TDAP trade promotion activities and organization. After the presentation the questions answers session taken place.

During the question / answers session, the Secretary TDAP explained in detail the significant role of exhibition and institutional support in the trade promotion and also highlighted the importance of domestic international exhibition such as Expo 2013. It was explained that the Expo is playing the critical role in contacting the local manufacturers and exporters with the international buyers, the visiting officers were also explained the market diversification and product diversification efforts of TDAP. The Secretary also elaborated on the importance of regional trade and TDAP initiative to explore the Asian and other regional markets such as ECO, SAARC and central Asia. The benefits of GSP+ were also briefed to the visiting officers as it would help in increasing the Textile and clothing sector exports to E.U . The Secretary also threw light on the TDAP working on the export promotion of services sector. The senior officers of TDAP along with Madam Secretary Ms. Rabiya Javeria Agha, TDAP attended the briefing session.

In the end the visiting officers expressed their satisfaction on the activities of TDAP