Severe Concerns expressed due to low gas pressure badly hitting all industrial estate of Karachi


Karachi (04.10.12): In a joint meeting of Chairmen of all Industrial Associations of Karachi held with MD, SSGC Mr. Azim Iqbal Siddiqui today, expressed much concern on low gas pressure in all Industrial Areas of Karachi by the SUI Southern Gas Company Limited. The production in the all Industrial Areas particularly SITE, Karachi is badly suffered due to anomalous gas pressure. SITE being the 38% revenue earning estate of Pakistan will be forced down to closure, effecting more than 500,000 labours & unemployment of labour may further lead to deteriorate the law & order situation of Karachi. The elected representatives said in a press statement that the industrial production is stopped after gas pressure is dropped abruptly, several captive power generating units also stopped operating because of the non sufficient supply of gas to the industrial areas of Karachi.

The abrupt low gas pressure may cause heavy threats to human lives coupled with financial loss. The present supplies of low pressure of gas, industries have been put under constraint to meet out their targets resulting decline in earning of foreign exchange and loss of Government exchequer. The industries are almost closed down on daily basis due to low supply of gas for the last few months.

It was unanimously agreed by all the chairmen that our industries will follow the total gas closure for next 2 Sundays and after that if proper supply of gas is not improved we would be constrained to enforce our constitutional rights for proper supply of gas to the industries of the Sindh Province with in the constitutional parameters. They further determined to enforce their rights through proper legal course and a high powered committee shall be formed to do the needful.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Arshad A. Vohra, Mr. Muhammad Irfan Moton, Mr.Salim Parekh, From S.I.T.E. Association of Industry, Mr. Jawed Bilwani from PHMA, Mr. M. Haroon Shamsi, Mr. Masroor Ahmed Alvi from F.B. Area Association, Mr. Aslam Rayaz from SITE Super Highway Association, Mr. Aslam Chughtai from North Karachi Association, Mr. Ziad Bashir from Landhi Association & Mr. Ehteshamuddin from Korangi Association.