Shama Munshi statement regarding Sain Pir Pagara visit to Hyderabad


Karachi (PR): Shama Munshi Media Coordinator ladies wing PML F Sindh said that the successful strike of PML F across the province Especially in karachi has proved that PML F has gained lot of popularity among the masses due to the clear and inflexible stand of Sain Pir Pagara against the disintegration of sindh 30th nov 2012 strike has proved that PML F is also one of the biggest stake holder in the politics of sindh, Infact in karachi as well.

The present political scenario is indicating that PML F will win with clear majority along with its collation partner and form the government of sindh. 30th nov strike was a referendum of sindh masses against PPP that they have really become fed up with the “PPP Anti sindh” policies.

They wanted to get rid of PPP and looking for some other substitute and this leadership crises has been filled by Sain Pir Pagara.

The masses of sindh have finally realized that only under the sincere leadership of Sain pir pagara, they will get their destination and will find solution of their core problems, that’s why PML F movement to save sindh is gaining a momentum day by day.

The mass contact campaign of Sain Pir pagara starting from his first visit to hyderabad on 14th december will prove to be the last straw in the back of PPP’s politics from sindh. Sindhi’s are united under the leadership of Sain Pir Pagara and will no more tolerate discriminations and conspiracies against our beloved land Sindh.

The response of sindhis against the black law of SPLGO has shown that they have completely rejected the dis integrity of sindh. Sindh is under going the most crucial period due to the conspiracy to divided it. PML F expression of solidarity is proving to be a new milestone in creating a history which will be written with golden words.

Sindhis will never forgive PPP traitors who have bargain over the integrity and vital interest of sindh for the sake of power. PML F has committed to give any sort of  sacrifice for the integrity of sindh. PPP government has completely failed to deliver in all sphere. that’s why due to the fear of rejection in up coming elections, they have reached to an agreement with MQM for the mutual distribution of sindh’s rural and urban resources of sindh.  Sindhis will never forgive PPP traitors who have betrayed them, and now deliberately raising the issue of ” Death horse” of Kala Bagh Dam.

The mass contact movement of Sain Pir Pagara will bring a revolution which will swept away these hypo crated elements  who have disappointed their hopes and inspirations.