Sindbad Event Tariq Road, Karachi


KARACHI: Sindbad, a family entertainment center, and the favorite destination of all children, is turning 20 years old this week. Sindbad Wonderland’s 20th birthday celebrations are being held in Karachi at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road, and the event is being celebrated with a great deal of fanfare and excitement. Every day for a week starting from Monday, a cake is being cut at Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road and coupons are being distributed amongst viewers through morning shows. Every evening, Sindbad Wonderland at Dolmen Mall on Tariq Road is the site of great fanfare and excitement with children running around all over and enjoying the multiple rides at Sindbad’s family entertainment center. One mother Maliha Sarfaraz, 20, who had come to Dolmen Mall with her children said: “I have always enjoyed bringing my children to Dolmen Mall and this is their favorite destination. The rides are awesome and the set-up is amazing.” Another mother Annie Malik, 18, who is a regular visitor at Dolmen Mall said: “I love coming here and Sindbad has become a second home for us. The rides are great and lots of fun for my children.” Sindbad Wonderland is considered to be the premier name in family entertainment in Pakistan and their massive facility at Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road, is popular with parents and children alike.