Sindh Government News



Karachi June 08: Senior Minister for Education & Literacy, Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq said that more colleges are needed to establish in rural areas so that the students specially girls students may get better opportunities of education at their door steps. This he said while talking to Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh in Special Education Imtiaz Shaikh here at the office of Sindh Education Foundation. He informed him that six thousands secondary schools are also required all over the province to cater the needs of the students.

            He added, ‘Sindh Education Commission has been formed to enhance standard of examination system while management cadre has also been established to handle the affairs of education department.’ Minister for education told the advisor to Chief Minister Sindh about measures to rehabilitate the floods/ rains damaged schools. Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh on special education Imtiaz Shaikh said that training institutes should be established in those areas where they are needed most to provide trade and skill education to the youth so that they might enable to earn their livelihood.

            In the meeting Minister for Education and Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh agreed to improve coordination between Sindh Education Department and Special Education Department. Director Colleges, Director Schools and other officers were also present during the meeting.




Karachi, June 08: Minister for Information & Power Ms. Shazia Marri said that Belarus and Pakistan could be a good trade partners as both countries have been victims of tyrannies and share same painful stories. “Pakistan has been doing a tremendous job of fighting against war on terror as a front-line state, and a war of atrocities is being waged against Pakistan, which is nothing but propaganda”.

This she said while talking to the state News Channel of Belarus, correspondent Mr. Tengis Dumbadze at her office in Karachi, .

            They talked about the Eastern Europe’s history and specially its role and circumstance before and after the Second World War.

            Shazia Marri thanked Mr. Tengis Dumbadze and his team that they came here to experience themselves the real picture of Pakistan instead of sitting thousands of miles away and believing on the propaganda being hatched to tarnish the image of Pakistan.

            Shazia Marri said that it was an unfortunate history that during Afghan Soviet War Pakistan was ruled by Dictator General Zia, and he had no support of people, and his policies had no roots in people.

            She said that the history and experience tell us that Pakistan has been a victim since years, and this was also confessed by Ms. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State USA, that more than 80% of Pakistan’s current problems are due to wrong support of USA to two dictators, Gen. Zia and Gen. Musharaf.

            “We don’t believe in isolation, but in engagements; we don’t want to fight but to dialogue”, she stated.

            She said, ‘We take the strength from people, and the world witnessed this after the Salala incident that we took stand according to the people’s wishes’.

            In reply to a question Shazia Marri said that it was the USA,  that was the sole-supporter of the religious parties during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.   

            Mr. Tengis Dumbadze commented that his country was the victim during Second World War and nearly 25 million people died in this. “We know what war is. And we know what suffering is, so we have good wishes for Pakistan and its people”, he said. He complimented Ms. Marri as being the representative of youth.

            Shazia Marri thanked him for his compliments and said that youth had suffered very much due to the tyrannies of the two dictators, Gen. Zia and Gen. Musharraf, and two generations had borne that great damage. “Despite all this the youth of Pakistan is second to none in the world. And Math wizard Moosa Firoz, and Arifa Karim the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional in the world are some of the glaring examples”, she commented.

            The Belarusian Journalist Mr. Tengis Dumbadze told that the former Prime Minister Ms. Benazir Bhutto was his ideal politician and that he felt very much sad over her martyrdom at the hands of extremists.

            Shazia Marri said that Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was a strong supporter of dialogue as war has never been the solution to any problem. Benazir Bhutto strongly believed in people-to-people contact, trade, communication, socio-cultural and student exchanges between countries for the regional and international harmony.

            In the end Ajrak, Sindh’s traditional gift, and some books published by the Information Department were presented to the foreign Journalist and his team. Dr. Zahid Hasan, Vice President, Pakistan Russia Business Forum (PRBF) was also present at the occasion.



Karachi, June 08: The Spokesman for Accountant General Sindh has clarified a news item published in a section of press regarding the office of Accountant General Sindh. The news report is denied being inaccurate and completely baseless, the spokesman added.

            He said that Historically the Provincial Government consumes more than three quarter of its Development budget in the last quarter and especially last month of the financial year. This rush of expenditure is not only against the norms of financial prudence, but also destroys the framework of organizational “Control” mechanism of line departments of Provincial Government.

            Notwithstanding, office of the Accountant General Sindh is working on Saturdays and Sundays to facilitate the departments and to cope with the rush of work. Moreover, a team headed by the Deputy Accountant General has been constituted to review the unpassed claims so that no genuine claim is rejected.

            Aspersion has been raised in the news report that commission was being demanded by the staff of A.G. Sindh for releasing funds failing which release files are returned with objections. The allegation is totally baseless as no complaint has been formally lodged with the office, it is an efforts to unnecessarily pressurize the office in order to get the irregular claims passed/authorities issued, he added.