Sindh Government News July 02 & 03 2012



Karachi, July 03: Provincial Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has said that the leaders of “Petition League” Mian Nawaz Sharif and Mian Shahbaz Sharif are the most corrupt men of Pakistan and both brothers believe in minting money and taking bribe. This he said in a statement issued here on Tuesday. He said that Mian Brothers had taken refuge in stay order from courts because they wanted to save themselves from corruption cases of worth trillion rupees.

He added, ‘It is a matter of concerns that stay order have been given to those who are involved in unlimited corruption.’ Now they are taking refuge under the grab of the courts. If they are not at fault, why don’t they face the courts. He said that it was the core desire of Mian Brothers that whenever they came in power, they would appoint their favorite officers to get them free from cases.

He said that Nawaz Sharif did the worst corruption during his two tenures and took the bribe of $140 million in the construction of motor way from Lahore to Islamabad. Besides this he created artificial shortage of the wheat in the country and earned billion rupees in its import in the name of their relatives. He said, ‘Mian Nawaz Sharif can cross all limits in gaining money. Now the people of Pakistan raise a question to Sharif brothers of are not guilty, why don’t they face the courts and get stay orders back.


Karachi, July 02: Irrigation Department Government of Sindh has issued current flood situation and reported that River Indus is flowing normal at Guddu, Sukkur, Kotri Barrages and it will remain in normal flood these rivers flow recorded at 6.00 a.m. today According to the detail, the river discharging situation at Guddu Barrage is 139758 upstream discharge and 102694 downstream discharge at Sukkur Barrage 86210 upstream discharge and 32580 downstream discharge and at Kotri Barrage discharge situation is 19080 upstream discharge and downstream discharge is nothing, it is also being reported that Indus at Tarbela, Kabul at Naushera, Jehlum at Mangla, Chenab at Marla all these stations up streaming and down streaming situation remain normal during next 24 hours.

River Indus is flowing normal at all Barrages by the grace of Allah.

J.S.T. & H.S.T.

Karachi, July, 03: The teacher’s recruitment policy 2012 has been approved by the Chief Minister, Sindh and accordingly revised recruitment rules for the post PST, JST & HST have been notified. Thus the recruitment against the vacancies available now will be filled in on the basis of new recruitment rules. The last date for inviting applications for current round was 20.06.2012.
It is hereby clarified that Recruitment process for appointment of teachers was started in 2008. Written tests were conducted in 2009. As per Recruitment Policy 2008, the securing of 60% marks was not the only criteria for the appointment but also there were other indicators such as vacancy in respective Union council / Taluka and District, and standing on the merit list in the respective Union Council / Taluka and District etc.
Demand of protesting candidates for appointment order just on the basis of securing 60% marks is baseless not in conformity with recruitment policy. All the appointments were made on the basis availability of vacancies after considering the merit in the respective area. The whole process stands completed

It is settled standard in Government Departments, if a candidate only meets one criteria but could not meet other criteria (availability of vacancies), he / she can not be considered as qualified in the next round.


Karachi July 3: Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chairman Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) said that SBI has undertaken a programme to encourage entrepreneurship in Sindh in collaboration with leading business schools of Sindh. In phase-I, 300 candidates from across the province will be selected according to agreed criteria and would be given six (6) months training under Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Training would be conducted by Institute of Business Administration Karachi and Sukkur. This he said during the contract-signing ceremony of Entrepreneurship Development Programme here today at SBI Office, Karachi.

Director IBA Karachi, Dr. Isharat Hussain and Director IBA Sukkur, Nisar Siddiqui along with Chairman SBI Muhammad Zubair Motiwala and Secretary Investment Ms. Naheed S. Durrani were also present at the signing ceremony.

Muhammad Zubair Motiwala informed the audience about the project and said that it is a pilot project of 6 months duration and would be conducted by two institutions to cater to candidates from across Sindh. There would be two batches of 150 students each to be divided between the two business schools. Muhammad Zubair Motiwala said that special emphasis would be given on the practical aspects of entrepreneurship with a focus on business development and management. Basic agriculture, management and technical know-how would also be taught in the course. Regarding eligibility criteria, he said that students of age of 20-45 years would be eligible but some preference would be given to agriculture graduates. Chairman SBI said that IBAs would conduct simple entry test prior to admission to ensure transparency and merit.

Elaborating about the objectives of the programme, Muhammad Zubair Motiwala said that present government is sensitive to the need of developing a culture of entrepreneurship in Sindh with focus on development of small and medium agribusinesses. He further said that SBI desire to tap into the potential of the so-called “youth bulge” of the Sindh which like the rest of Pakistan constitute bulk of the population in order to turn them into asset rather than a liability. Chairman SBI said that entrepreneurship development programme would also help in modernizing the agrarian economy of Sindh especially fisheries, livestock, dairy, horticulture and so on. He said that the course is customized for the specific socio-economic conditions of Sindh and hopefully it will help in business creation, greater investments in agriculture sector, and economic growth of Sindh.


Karachi, July 03: On the directive of Provincial Ombudsman Sindh Asad Asraf Malik the complainant Zafar Naveed received refund of Rs. 27,79,000/- which he had deposited with the CDGK in the year 2007 for purchase of an Industrial plot in Karachi.

According to details, one Muhammad Zafar Naveed in his complaint to Provincial Ombudsman Sindh stated that he deposited the amount with CDGK in the year 2007 for purchase of an Industrial plot in Korangi Industrial Area Karachi, measuring 1000 sq yds in response to an advertisement published in newspapers. He further added that the area was neither developed for possession of the plot given to him despite of lapsc of several years. In view of the situation he had been approaching KDA for refund of his deposited amount but there was no response from the organization.
The Provincial Ombudsman Sindh initiated an enquiry and directed Director Land Management, KDA to submit immediate report concerning the complaint. During the investigation, the representative of KDA agreed to refund amount of Rs. 27,79,000/- to the complainant in two equal installments. Two cheques of Rs. 13,89,500/- received from KDA were delivered to the complaint by the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh Asad Ashraf Malik at his office. The complainant expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Ombudsman Sindh for resolving his long standing problem.


Karachi, July, 02: Pakistan is committed to achieve not only the Millenium Development Goals but also the DAKAR Education for All targets interalia aim at the attainment of 86 % literary by the year. This was stated in a seminar ‘Education for all and Right to education at Karachi Press Club’ organized by UNESCO. A large number of media persons, educationists and members of civil society attended. Speakers while addressing the seminar highlighted that the education was all about human rights and education was most effective tool for truly sustainable socio-economic development. In this seminar, the experts reviewed the Sindh Government Literary and EFA programmes and efforts in hand to promulgate a law a view to enforcing the Right to Education under article 25 A of the Constitution.

Seminar was attended by Inayatullah Chairman PACADE, Director UNESCO in Pakistan Dr. K.K. Negata, Additional Secretary Education Shahnaz Mazhar, Director Information Akhtar Ali Surhio, Moosa Kaleem GSKPC.