Sindh Government News July 18, 2012



Karachi, July 18: Chief Minister, Sindh has constituted a ”Secretaries Committee”  for Ramadan Package-2012 comprising upon Secretary Finance. Secretary Agriculture, Secretary Food and Secretary Supply & Prices.

            According to policy line for Ramadan Package issued by Food Department Sindh, the Government of Sindh has decided to provide 200,000 M.Tonnes wheat during the Holy Month of Ramaddan to facilitate the consumers to have Atta in hand on more economical rate which is reduced to Rs.23/- per kg and supplies of  Atta will be arranged throughout the Province under “Sindh Government Ramadan Package-2012”.

            The region-wise distribution of the allocated quantity of 200,000 M. Tonnes wheat is as under:

            Karachi Region will be provided 90,000 M.Tonnes, Hyderabad Region – 35,000 M. Tonnes, Sukkur Region – 45,000 M. Tonnes, Mirpurkhas Region – 15,000 M. Tonnes and Larkana Region has been allocated 15,000 M. Tonnes.

            Policy Guide line stated that the releases will commence from 18th July, 2012 by providing considerable quantities of wheat to the flour mills in 2-Phases @ Rs.1875/100 Kg bag (plus Rs.115/- cost of bardana).

            Besides, the Deputy Director/District Food Controllers concerned have been directed to ensure that package must carry the marking of supply of Atta under “Sindh Government Ramadan Packagge-2012” at the fixed rate of Rs.23/- per Kg (Rs.230/- per 10 Kg Thailla) alongwith date of production, price and its origin and manage the distribution of the releases specifically for Ramadan Package made to the millers strictly observing the provisions of the policy and maintaining transparency. Under the policy, it will be ensured that the actual number of packing of 10 Kgs are prepared and delivered at specified outlets by the millers against the quantity allowed to individual unit for ensuring availability of Atta in the Packing of 10 Kg Thailla each for smooth distribution, while wheat be released to the flour mills by the Deputy Directors in 2-Phases keeping in view the considered Roller Bodies alongwith positive performance of the Flour Mills as per their past record. If any, flour mills would not perform well as per Rules/Laws/Policy and involve in any pilferage/malpractice in the issue of 1st phase, they not be allowed 2nd phase of issues and will compensate the loss/differential cost. No wheat under Ramadan Package shall be issued to the defaulting Flour Mills who are found indulge in misappropriation/embezzlement off wheat stocks stored at mill PRCs and no wheat shall be issued from PRC and priority should be given to the stocks of old crops, open places/threatening stocks during the releases. The District Administration has been asked to organize Bachat Bazaar specific outlets and special Ramadan Bazars at District and Taluka Headquarters where Revenue Officer and food Department’s representatives should ensure availability of Atta10/Kg to the general public. Further, the Committee at District and Taluka level should be constituted comprising District Administration, Food and Bureau of Supply and Prices (wherever available) and to ensure that every flour mill should establish Atta Stalls at Ramadan/Bachat Bazaars at the District and Taluka level and outside the mills premises as well. Complete record to be maintained in Releases and Atta supply of each mill by Mill Management and Food Inspector posted at the mill. District Food Controller should ensure 100 % grinding of wheat bags provided for Ramadan Package and Atta is supplied in the fair Price Shops, Bachat Bazaars and designated outlets established by the Flour Mills, adding that the samples of Atta will be drawn from time to time to check the quality/quantity of Atta, and if, it is found sub-standard, the defaulting Millers will be proceeded against under the provisions as envisaged in the Rules/Laws/Policy, while transportation cost in supply of Atta to any place will be borne by the Mill Management. According policy, one bag of 10 Kg shall be provided to one person at a time.