Sport Secretary Govt of Sindh uncompitent and violating order of Supreme Court of Pakistan


Karachi (PR): The direlict Sports Ministry of Sindh government completely on an uncompitent secretary hands,violating clear orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan by deputing a 17 grade On pay scale officer Imran Bhatti on a 18 grade post as a deputy decretary and DDO of Sindh Sports Board instead of sending him back to his original position.

This has opened and expand a way of multi million Corruption in the Sport budget of Sindh Government. 

As per law only registered bodies in Sindh Sports board are eligible for fund allocation regarding any event, but the distribution of funds on a 50% comission became an open practice to all un registered and paper bodies.
Due to no check and balance in the Sports ministry the DDO Imran Bhatti is enjoying the annual budget of Sindh Sports board of about 80 million rupees. 
Secretary Sports and CM Sindh both have closed their eyes on this corruption and financial powers to a junior ranked officer, while on the other hand the Registered bodies with Sindh Sports Board are suffering this injustice.