SSGC carries out raids against compressor use in Quetta


Quetta:  In the light of the Balochistan High Court’s order SSGC has intensified operation against the use of gas compressors in different areas of Quetta.SSGC’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations Department’s raided 15 houses found using compressors, which is an illegal act as per the Gas (Theft Control and Recovery) Act.

The raiding team removed the compressors on the spot and started legal proceedings against them.  The devices, if installed in homes, may prove to be quite lethal, as they prevent gas from being distributed evenly to the surrounding areas.  As per the Gas Act 2016, those found using compressors are eligible for a 6-month sentence and Rs. 1 lakh fine.

Madni Siddiqui, General Manager – Balochistan Region advised the consumers to refrain from involving themselves in such illegal activities such as the use of compressors to increase gas pressure at the cost of the surrounding neighborhood.

Further, he appealed to the people of Balochistan especially citizens of Quetta to come forward and inform SSGC about the use of compressor being used in their vicinity because this is an illegal act which effects the entire Muhalla by sucking gas toward them.

SSGC has also been stressing on the illegal compressor use lately through its mass and social media campaigns.

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