SSGC conducts raids on domestic customers using gas compressors


KARACHI (PR): In response to a complaint received on PMDU’s Pakistan Citizens Portal, wherein the complainant had mentioned a number of apartment occupants involved in illegally using gas compressors, SSGC Customer Relations Department’s Theft Control Section (Central Region) conducted a raid in Arfeen Arcade located near City Court, in Nanakwara, Karachi. This was the very first raid of its kind conducted by SSGC on the domestic customers blatantly using gas compressors. Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations (SS & CGTO) backed by SSGC Police and lady police searchers along with the Recovery Department team made a crackdown on the flats.

The raiding team took action by removing meters and compressors from the apartment’s Flat numbers 103/104, 510/502, and 702. The team removed three meters that were summarily sent to the Recovery Department in the Company’s Karachi Terminal for testing whereas the three removed compressors are in the possession of the Customer Relations Department. Gas supplies to households using such compressors will be disconnected for a period of two months as a punishment.

Like all theft-related crimes, SSGC has zero tolerance against the use of gas compressors. Those neighbors who have selfishly deployed gas-sucking devices are actually depriving most households of complaining nowadays of low gas pressure, of steady gas supply. This major crime does not only deny neighbors any gas but at times brings along sewage water in their gas lines, due to compressors’ intense sucking power that pulls the seeping gutter water from the nearby sewage lines.

The Company will continue to conduct similar raids in the near future so as to take stern action against the compressor users. Customers can also report such criminal acts by calling SSGC’s 24/7 Operational Helpline 1199 in complete confidentiality.

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