SSGC cracks down on gas thieves; nabs culprits, lodges FIRs


KARACHI: In its ongoing campaign against the menace of gas theft, SSGC’s Counter Gas Theft Team conducted five raids in different areas of Karachi.  The Company’s Security Services and Counter Gas Theft Operations’ team undertook a raid in Q Block of Katti Pahari, North Nazimabad where the culprits were using gas directly for making sweet marts from main service line through a TEE connection at four psig. The total load of gas being stolen was 450 cubic feet per hour.  One of the culprits, Tahir Ali was arrested and the other escaped. SSGC police has lodged FIR against the culprits.

The team undertook another raid against direct use of gas in Mujahid colony. The culprit Akram was found using gas illegally by installing Fake Meter for thread dying works. Total load was found to be 200 Cubic feet hourly. FIR has been lodged as against the culprit.

A chemical factory in the vicinity of FB Area, Block 22 was also raided in which the culprits were found involved in Meter Tampering. The raiding party removed the meter and the regulator and disconnected the gas supply.  Culprit Danish was arrested by SSGC police. Total load of gas being stolen was found to be 805 cubic feet per hour.  Another joint raid conducted at Liaquatabad area uncovered the culprits supplying electricity through 10 and 20

KVA gas run power generators. The generators were being operated through a fake meter. Owner Zubair could not be found and SSGC police is searching for his whereabouts. However, FIR has been lodged against the culprits as per Gas (Theft and Recovery) Act 2016.

SSGC has expressed its determination to uproot the menace of gas theft. Whenever required, the SSGC raiding parties will seek the assistance of Pakistan Rangers and other law enforcement agencies. Citizens can report gas theft, if they see one, through email ( ) or whatsapp with relevant details on following cell numbers: 03238213346 and 03228217576.