SSGC destroyed yet another network of gas thieves and miscreants in Karachi

Sui Souther Gas Company Limited, (Shuja ullah Khan,

SSGC tightened the rope against the gas thieves and cut down the various illegal connections in its franchise area. Surveillance & Monitoring team in coordination with Company’s CRD, FIR Cell, DSM and Security Departments along with SSGC Police continued its crackdown against miscreants involved in theft of natural gas by raiding in the areas of North Nazimzabad and Ghaziabad-Orangi Town. The teams disconnected the illegal direct supply of gas and saved millions of rupees of Company by curbing gas theft.

The S&M team conducted a raid on Golden Star Manda works located at North Nazimabad Block T that is owned by Naseeruddin Shah who was using gas directly by tapping on common houseline at 1.11 PS1 pressure. One Manda Bhatti and one burner were being used for Manda production. The estimated volume per year comes to around 1,896 mcf which amounts to Rs. 1.5 million.

In Ghaziabad an area of Orangi Town gas theft was also unearthed by Surveillance and Monitoring team which conducted a raid based on information. Ameer Badshah, an area person in front of police and SSGC FIR Cell that the owner of private hospital was using 46 KVA Gas Generator for hospital and allied shops and was using gas through direct pipe by installing “T” connection on adjacent meters service connection at 2 PSI pressure. The estimated volume per year comes to around 804 mcf which amounts to Rs. 643,000/.

FIR’s have been lodged and SSGC Police is searching for the absconders.

SSGC continues to unearth the network of gas thieves and meter tampering miscreants who are the main causes of Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG) or line losses, which is severely impacting SSGC’s financial bottom line. (Shuja ullah Khan,