SSGC disconnects gas supply to defaulting government organizations


Karachi (PR): Despite repeated notices and reminders, SSGC had no other option but to disconnect gas supply to Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC), KMC Solid Waste Management Plant, 100-bed Liaquatabad Hospital, 100-bed Sindh Government Hospital, Khokrapar and National Institute of Child Health (NICH). However, JPMC and Sindh Government Hospital, Khokrapar have assured SSGC that they will soon clear their outstanding bills with the Company. These government organizations cumulatively owe SSGC Rs. 39.70 million.

JPMC, NICH, Liaquatabad Hospital, Sindh Government Hospital and KMC Solid Waste Management Plant owe SSGC Rs. 26.6 million,  Rs. 3.15 million, Rs. 3.05 million, Rs. 0.86 million and Rs. 5.58 million, respectively. All these organizations were being regularly served monthly notices since January 2015 with copy of each notice sent to Chief Secretary Sindh and Secretary Health Sindh as well.  Despite the fact that the deadline period of final notice served by SSGC in April 2015 was May 20th,  the above mentioned institutions did not pay any heed to the call and avoided settling long standing dues with SSGC on one pretext or the other, while citing financial reasons and internal issues.    As a last resort, the Company’s Recovery Department decided to disconnect gas supply to these organizations. 

In the meantime, Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre (JPMC) saw its supply restored when Secretary Finance, Government of Sindh, Mr. Sohail Rajput assured the SSGC management on Wednesday afternoon that the medical centre would start settling its dues within a week. On the other hand, supply to Sindh Hospital, Khokrapar will continue since its authorities have also assured SSGC that it would settle outstanding payments within 15 days. SSGC has avoided disconnections to hospitals and other health care centres purely on humanitarian grounds and in fact as per its policy, provides ample opportunity to all defaulting institutions to settle their mounting dues.  However, MD, SSGC has emphatically maintained that if the defaulting organizations do not clear their outstanding dues, their cases will be referred to in the courts.