SSGC kills gas services of canteens in Civil Hospital and Sindh Secretariat


Karachi (PR): SSGC’s Customer Relations Department’s (CRD) Task Force today disconnected the gas supply of two commercial customers on account of gas theft. The first connection was installed in a canteen, which was running in the premises of Civil Hospital Karachi, whose gas meter was removed by SSGC in the month of March this year due to non payment. The vendor of the said canteen had not cleared the gas bills amounting to Rs. 2,450,578/=. After the disconnection in March’13, the vendor started using gas directly through rubber pipes. The members of the Task force, with the coordination of SSGC’s Recovery Department, today killed the gas connection completely.

Both the departments also conducted a joint raid today on another canteen being operated in the premises of Sindh Secretariat building. According to the Recovery Department, the vendor of the said canteen owes SSGC’s Rs. 1,371,750/= and its gas supply was also disconnected in June 2010. Instead of paying the gas bill, the vendor started using gas illegally after the removal of its meter. The SSGC crew also killed its gas service completely today. Nawab Ali Shah, Deputy Chief Manager (CRD) was leading the SSGC’s raiding party.

SSGC is facing such illegal usage of gas, resulting huge losses to the utility. On the directives of company’s managing director, the Recovery Department, Surveillance and Monitoring Department and Customers Relations Department are continuously conducting similar raids in the different parts of the city, including in Baldia town, Mehran Town (Super highway), Shah Abdul Lateef town, Al-Asif Squre and Rabia City Apartments and disconnected thousands of connections, from which gas was being used directly without meters.