SSGC offers free of cost biodegradable, environment friendly paper bags at leading shopping stores for public consumption


Sales man at a departmental store packing different items in SSGC’s ‘Bio-degradable Environment friendly paper bag’

Karachi (PR): As a responsible citizen, Sui Southern Gas Company takes regular initiatives in its franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan that benefit the communities at large, by supporting projects related to education, health and environment. In its endeavor to educate the masses on the dangerous consequences of plastic bags, SSGC stepped up by launching paper bags that are not only environment friendly but also food grade and are highly safe for domestic consumption especially for the groceries. 

In a survey conducted in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad by a renowned research company 180 million plastic bags are used every month for groceries meaning  250,000 plastic bags every hour that end up littering our streets, choking our drains, polluting our seas and environment as they reduce the oxygen level when burnt in the garbage. The burning of plastic bags alongside streets releases dioxins and furans, which upon inhaling cause severe damages to lungs, kidneys, nervous systems and liver, besides leading to chronic diseases like bronchitis, emphysema and cancer. Children and elderly are the most susceptive to the chemicals released from burning of these bags.

Material used in the paper bags introduced by SSGC is biodegradable that is globally recognized as the most viable and practical substitute to the plastic bags. In its CSR program, SSGC searched for a reliable partner that can help the utility in meeting its endeavors and found Thal Limited as the most appropriate entity that can be trusted for the needful. Thal being the pioneers in producing industrial paper sacks in Pakistan were asked to produce these food grade paper bags that are presently being consumed at leading mega stores of Karachi including Aghas, Mottas, Naheed, Time Medicos, Royal Medico, Mercato, Farid’s etc.

Taking additional advantage SSGC has printed various public service messages in Urdu and English, one on each side of these bags. These messages include the necessary measures to be adopted to ensure safe use of gas appliances, judicious use of gas to conserve this precious commodity and severe consequences of meter tampering and gas theft that can lead to heavy fines and imprisonment.

The company understands that this activity will contribute in bringing positive change and will help a great deal for a clean environment. The company also believes that with the success of this effort the corporate sector will also join in to amplify the thrust that will help in concluding the chapter of plastic bags and will also maximize the benefits of the biodegradable paper bags.