SSGC raids against gas thieves, 2 CNG stations sealed in Nawabshah Region


SSGC conducted raids on CNG Stations in Nawab Shah Region and sealed 2 CNG Stations selling gas during the officially off days. 

SS&CGTO team in coordination with Company’s CRD, FIR Cell, along with SSGC Police continued its crackdown against CNG stations where miscreants were found involved in theft of natural gas and running their stations d

uring the off days declared by the SSGC.

Task Force sealed m/s Zohaib CNG Station of Doulatpur and M/s Mehran CNG for 48 hours and strongly warned them that if theyl continue this illegal act the duration of closure will be increased to weeks and months and they will be liable to hard punishment under the Gas theft and Recovery Act 2016. 

SSGC continues to unearth the network of gas thieves and meter tampering miscreants and against such CNG stations who keep their stations open on the off days declared by the Sui Southern Gas Company. 

Task force also conducted a raid in Clifton area  on a restaurant where culprit was using gas direct from the meter point . FIR has been lodged and the claim has been raised against the load.

SS&CGTO also conducted raids in Al-Shams and Gulshan Complex in Gulstan-e-Johar Block 18, Karachi where some miscreants were stealing gas from their removed meter points through rubber pipes. All rubber pipes and fittings that were being used for Illegal extension of gas have been removed. 

CRD Task Force conducted another raid against the culprits involved in gas theft at VIP Flats, North Karachi on May 29, 2018. The defaulter residents were found involved in stealing gas from their removed meter points through rubber pipes. All rubber pipes and fittings used for Illegal extension of gas have been removed.