SSGC to resume gas to CNG sector as soon as supply improves


Karachi: The management of SSGC has held a meeting with the representative bodies of CNG associations and station owners at the Company Head Office on December 12, 2018.  

Explaining the reasons behind suspending gas to the CNG sector, SSGC officials reiterated that the Company system is faced with a total shortfall of 200 mmcfd gas that has compelled it to manage the load by suspending supplies to CNG stations in compliance with the sectorial priority order for gas load management as fixed by the Government of Pakistan.  The CNG sector representatives expressed their concern at the suspension of gas and said that it is affecting their operations and public at large.

The management explained to the CNG stations owners that already the SSGC system was faced with a shortfall of 150 mmcfd that has worsened abruptly due to technical issues being faced by Gambat and Kunnar-Pasakhi Gas Fields, resulting in further shortfall of around 50 mmcfd. The rising shortfall has also led to suspension of gas supplies to captive power plants in accordance with the gas load management plan. In addition, gas supply to power and fertilizer sector has been further slashed to manage load better. 

The management dispels the impression that CNG has been shut for an indefinite period and have assured the CNG stations’ owners that as soon as gas supplies from the fields increases leading to a improved line pack, SSGC will resume supplies to the CNG sector.  The management said that on a daily basis, SSGC is reviewing demand-supply situation and as soon as there is any improvement in gas supplies, it will take steps to facilitate its CNG customers. (Please send your news, article, pictorial on our email address < & or WhatsApp +923132434567)