SSGC unearths 34 gas theft cases


Karachi (PR): SSGC has intensified its drive against gas theft in Karachi and other cities and towns of Sindh.  During the past two months, the Company has unearthed 34 cases of gas theft in which domestic, commercial and industrial customers were found involved in direct gas consumption by taking illegal connections from the Company’s main supply line. Gas theft is one of the major factors contributing towards Unaccounted-for-Gas (UFG).

In July and August 2013, more than 80 different categories of customers were found involved in gas theft and meter tampering, causing a loss of 39.88 mmcf gas to the Company.  Moreover, against these wrongdoers, SSGC lodged claims amounting to Rs. 31.26 million.

In order to check unauthorized consumption, SSGC has installed bulk meters in many areas where gas theft is rampant to ensure proper recording and calculation of lost volume.

UFG has severely affected the Company’s profits in recent times since every 1% increase in UFG, reduces SSGC’s profits by Rs. 1.3 billion plus the cost of gas.