SSGC’s Task Force conducts raid on gas thieves in Shah Abdul Lateef Town


Karachi (PR): SSGC’s special Task Force today conducted a major raid in Karachi’s Shah Abdul Lateef Town where some 500 households were directly using gas through a network of illegal rubber pipes.   

In a swift action, Task Force disconnected these pipes and confiscated them.  Despite strong resistance from the area residents, the Task Force remained undeterred in its operations.  The Task Force sought the cooperation of Area Police and SSGC’s own Security Services Department in conducting the raid.

 Some glimpses of SSGC’s Raid against gas thieves in Shah Abdul Lateef Town and briefing of Aamir Mumtaz Khan, General Manager (Customers Services) to media.

During the raid, Amir Mumtaz Khan, General Manager, Customer Relations, SSGC made a strong plea to the area residents of Shah Abdul Lateef Town that instead of resorting to illegal means, domestic consumers must formally apply for connections with the Company.

Later while talking to the media, Mr. Mumtaz revealed that some contractors are working in connivance with the residents of Shah Abdul Lateef Town in facilitating them with illegal supply of gas.  He said that as soon as more information is gathered about the illicit activities of these contractors, SSGC will not only take strict action against them but also black list them.  It must be mentioned here that on April 20, 2012, Task Force conducted a similar raid in Raja Tanveer Colony in Orangi Town where it dismantled illegal rubber pipes supplying gas to some 800 households.

The last few months have seen SSGC intensifying its efforts against the menace of gas theft, one of the main causes of Unaccounted for Gas (UFG). The recently promulgated ‘Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2011’ has given SSGC’s efforts to crack down on gas thieves a major boost as the Company has further stepped up its efforts by undertaking planned raids in the franchise areas of Sindh and Balochistan and, significantly enough, lodging FIRs against the culprits.

The Task Force, which comprises officers and staff from the Company’s Customer Services, Surveillance and Monitoring, Sales, Billing and Security Services Departments, was recently established by SSGC’s Managing Director Azim Iqbal Siddiqui. Since its formation, the Task Force has been carrying out successful regular raids in those areas in SSGC’s franchise provinces, where the incidence of gas theft is on the rise.