(Press Release): PSQCA team Raided on Bottled Drinking Water companies. The team seized the BDW unit M/s. “Aqua Fall Premium Drinking Water”, R-215, Block-20, Federal “B” Area, Karachi Producing illegal product. While M/s. “Pure Aqua“,ST-B-2, Block-19, Gulistan-e-Ali, Al-Noor More F.B Area, Karachi found non conformity (fail in test) against relevant Pakistan Standards Specification, which was tested in PCRWR Laboratories after joint open market sampling of PSQCA & PCRWR.

M/s. Aqua Fall was Involved in Illegal Manufacturing while M/s. Pure Aqua found Non-Conformance Against Relevant PSS, Therefore they were seized as per SRO 638(I)/2001 of Bottled Drinking Water & PSQCA Act-VI of 1996.

Our staff did survey in Karachi thousand of Drinking Water companies which are working in the 12 x 14 sqr. feet shop in different areas. Specially in the District Central lot of illegal shops are open, specially in the surrounding of Nazimabad Gole Market. Those people who lives in this are says that monthly are going to all the concern agencies and no one taking any action against them. Hope that if PSQCA is not involve in this corruption then they will take necessary action on this issue. Otherwise will place a detail report on it. ( Cell # +923132434567 WhatsApp)