Sufi University to organize free medical camp on March 16


JAMSHORO: Sindh University campus International University of Peace, Sufism & Modern Sciences (IUPSMS) Bhit Shah will organize a free medical camp on its campus in collaboration with Sindh Sahkar Organization (SSO) on March 16, 2014 in a bid to diagnose the patients and provide them with related medicines free of cost.

In a statement issued here from P.R. Office, Dr. Memon told that the expert doctors in their areas belonging to USA, Azad Kashmir, Karachi, Hyderabad and Jamshoro will participate in the gratis therapeutic camp that will be organized at Sufi University Bhit Shah.

The expert doctors will deal with the patients facing Cardiac problem, Blood Pressure/ Diabetic, Skin Diseases, female medical issues, checkup of kidney & gallbladder, ENT and consultancy on various health issues whereas there will the facility of Ultra Sound and Blood Tests as well.