Supernet wins Rs.150 mln’s project for supplying Optical Fiber

309 wins Rs.150 mln’s project for supplying Optical Fiber

ISLAMABAD, (APP): Supernet Limited has secured a sizeable telecommunications infrastructure development project from a Pakistani mobile network operator worth Rs. 150 million for supplying optical fiber and associated equipment in different areas of Punjab.

The total length of different segments constituting this project is approximately 140 kilometers, said a news release issued here on Wednesday.

With this project, Supernet has reached a significant milestone of 1,000 kilometers of optical fiber supply and deployment projects awarded by mobile network operators in Pakistan.

Head of Business Unit-Telecoms and Defense at Supernet, Ali Akhtar said: “We are excited to play our part in the expansion of telecommunications infrastructure in Pakistan and supporting the proliferation of communications and digital services by mobile network operators.

The optical fiber business line is a relatively new endeavor for Supernet and the 1,000 kilometers mark is a testament to our capabilities and the springboard for further growth in this segment. This is a strong start to 2022 and we will strive to keep the momentum going.”

Supernet Limited, one of Pakistan’s leading telecommunications service providers and systems integrators, has been operating since 1995. Supernet offers a full portfolio of local-to-global integrated communications infrastructure solutions to Telecoms, Defense, Enterprise, and Government entities.

Supernet’s “Connectivity” products and services include a broad spectrum of Wide Area Network (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) solutions based on satellite, fiber optics, microwave, and radios.

In recent years, Supernet has established its expertise in domains including cybersecurity, power, networking, and surveillance solutions as part of its “Beyond Connectivity” initiative thereby offering a richer portfolio of solutions and services to customers.

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